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tendering & contractor selection offer a full Tendering and Contractor Selection service. So what does this do? We package up all the information relating to your project within a Tendering Specification Document. This document can contain ‘As Built’ Drawings, Planning Drawings, Building Control Drawings, nbs specification, heat loss calculations, Structural Engineers information, Contract details and product literature selected by the client.


This is then sent to contractors for tendering purposes. We normally allow at least 4 weeks for contractors to price each project (the time allocated is dependent on the size or complexity of the project). During this tendering period we will arrange a meeting with each of the contractors to answer any queries they may have prior to the submission of their keenest price. By holding this meeting we are answering any questions that the contractor may have thus reducing the risk to both the contractor and the client alike.


Once the tenders are received will then assess which are the most competitive contractor quotes received. Once identified, we will then arrange further meetings with each of the contractors responsible for these tenders. We will review their quotes during these meetings to identify further cost savings. This can be done by either reviewing individual cost spikes within their tenders, or by reviewing material alternatives suggested by the contractors themselves.


On conclusion of these meetings we will then arrange a meeting with our client to review all the tenders received. During this meeting we will discuss the merits of each tender, and recommend to the client which contractor we would select based on the criteria they offered at the time of our appointment. It is important to note that we do not select the contractor for the client, instead we recommend which is our preferred tenderer, and the reasons why. It is the clients decision to choose which contractor they would like to use. Cost is not always the most important factor. Other contributory factors such as build time, experience, build sequencing and quality may also hold equal importance when selecting a contractor. Each of these reasons may be personal to the client so we must respect their ultimate decision, even if it differs from our own.


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