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project management & quantity surveying services understand the importance of managing our clients projects properly. To allow us to do so correctly, we need to record progress and performance against our clients expectations. For the most part our clients expectations are set out within the tendering documents, however this may not always be the case. Projects can evolve as factors like complexity and compliance are examined in further detail.


The main source of information required to protect a client’s interests is shown below, but it is through effective Project Management that this information is used to deliver success.


CDM Information – Pre Construction File ( only required if the project is notifiable under CDM Regulations). Further guidance on this issue can be sought from the HSE via their website.


Planning & Construction drawings & details – For further details visit our architectural design section of this website.




Construction Programme


Site Handover Plan


Detailed Build Estimate


Design & Construction Meeting Dates including Contractor Payment Review – The frequency of these meetings will be agreed with a client upon our appointment.



So what inspections are required?



First Fix, Second Fix and Final Fix Quality Inspections


• Health & Safety Inspections






health & safety inspections


Too many unnecessary accidents occur in the construction industry every year. Statistics show that a large proportion of these unnecessary accidents happen on smaller projects, which for the most part are ungoverned by the Health & Safety Executive since they are not reportable.


Buildservices don’t want your family members, colleagues, customers or workers to become another health & safety statistic reported upon every year. If appointed to do so, we will oversee your project to make sure it reaches acceptable levels of safety during every H&S site inspection. We will ensure that regularly inspections are carried out by qualified Health & Safety inspectors. The frequency of these inspections will be decided upon once the scale and complexity of a project is ascertained. All reports arising from these inspections will be distributed to the client & contractor for their immediate action.


Health and Safety remains the number one priority in construction today. We can help you with yours.


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