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contract signing


Once a contractor has been selected by the client, we can then arrange to have a contract signed prior to starting works. The type of Contract will be determined by our team once the project size and complexity has been established. This contract complete with the tender specification and supporting documents will form the basis of the contractors formal appointment.


The contract will be between the client and the contractor (with Buildservices formally acting as Contract Administrator if requested). This contract will protect the rights of both parties throughout the duration of the build. Buildservices will carry out a meeting prior to the signing of this contract to answer any questions each party may have. During this meeting the terms and conditions of the contract will be explained in simple terms to ensure understanding. This contract will record the agreed quotation, the agreed build duration and the terms relating to the contractors interim payments.


Once signed, this document complete with supporting contract information will be copied and distributed to the client and contractor.






contract administration


Our Architectural Services do not end there. We can act as your Contract Administrator for the duration of your build. So what does a Contract Administrator do? And why is this role important?


A Contract Administrator ensures contractual compliance during the build process. He is an independent party overseeing both the contractor and clients responsibilities. If the terms of the contract are changed by either party, then the Contract Administrator fairly assesses the impact on either party.


Most contractors through no fault of their own may be forced to request a design change. At the point this request is made, the client has to assess the financial or contractual risk attributable to this design change. Without professional guidance the client can find that they are being held liable for additional costs without knowing which way to turn. By using Buildservices we can assess the credibility of any claim made by the contractor (or client), and analyze alternatives to reduce any financial burden.


Buildservices has considerable experience with Contract Administration. It is this experience that can lead to the majority of contractor led design change requests to be either quashed, or their impact minimized. Without this guidance, the client could find themselves paying the contractor for costs that they have already accepted the risk for.


Many designers will agree to act as your Contract Administrator without the necessary build experience to allow them to do so. Buildservices has professionally qualified staff with over 20 years’ experience within the Construction Industry that can assist with this element of your build.


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* Additional fees may be claimed where design changes have been requested by the client or his contractor after the Contract has been signed


** Any lower quote obtained by the client must be assessed on a like for like basis. If the lower quote obtained does not match the  services provided by then no discount will be offered.

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