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For the most part, Local Authority Planning Permission and Building Control Approval will be required when considering building work to your building. Most people are aware that Planning Permission is required, but a number of our customers are still unaware that Building Control approval is also required. So what is the difference between Planning Permission and Building Control approval?


Planning examines the impact of your proposed works on the environment surrounding your property, as well as suitability of your proposals to the existing property or the land itself. Building Control approval looks at how you are adapting your existing property, or how the new construction is being built. Building Control Officers ensure that all works undertaken meet the minimum standards set by Building Regulations, thus  ensuring that the works are structurally safe whilst meeting a number of performance related requirements i.e. heat loss, sound transference, fire safety etc. provide a comprehensive architectural service which works closely with our clients to not only gain Local Authority Statutory Approvals, but to ensure that the clients design brief leads to a design that optimises their budget.




concept design, planning drawings & building control drawings


Through a series of design meetings, we will be able to provide up to 3 to 4 different design options that meet your requirements. The designs provided are for the most part interchangeable, so can be considered in depth by our clients when arriving at their preferred layouts or external treatments.  Once a concept design has been agreed, we will then oversee your Statutory Approvals on your behalf. A full nbs building specification can be provided with each clients design. This ensures that all contractors tendering for your project, tender it on a like for like basis. It also specifies which materials are to be used, and how the build is to be overseen.


We also offer a 3D design option where our clients can virtually walk through their home, or extension before work actually commences. This gives our clients both comfort and confidence in knowing that the finalised design will meet their approval in every aspect of their daily living. This 3D design also allows us to create room layouts, allowing our customers to experiment with furniture layouts and colour schemes during the design process.


Click here for examples of Planning drawings.


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