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3D modelling

architectural services:


To have the ability to virtually walk through your new building or development, before it is constructed can provide clients with the confidence they require to proceed with a build.


As architectural designers we understand the difficulties that our customers may experience whilst visualising our 2D designs. For the most part we can suitably demonstrate size and scale during one of our many design meetings, however for more complex designs this may not be sufficient. In this instance we would suggest our customers consider 3D modelling.


By carrying out a 3D design model of your building or development, we can demonstrate its suitability from every angle.


So what can a 3D design provide that a 2D design can't? We can demonstrate the following better using a 3D design:


Furniture layouts


Lighting Levels for both natural lighting and artificial lighting.


Colour schemes both internally and externally.


Contouring of external landscaping in relation to new properties.


We can provide 3D computer generated images for your neighbours or third parties so they can review your

    intentions accurately.


We can provide 3D computer generated images for marketing purposes. Rather than sell off plan, we can bring the character

   of your building or development to life.


If you would like to arrange a 3D design of your building / development, then please do not hesitate to contact us

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